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European lottery winner - Interview of Luc Granger

Euro Millions: "The winner should take his/her time before investing".

When the European lottery drew the winner of 190 million euros on August 10th, Luc Granger, founding partner of intuitae, was interviewed by Paul Reigner for the website

Unprepared for this kind of wealth, Luc Granger highlights the importance of surrounding the winner with competent advisors who have sufficient tax and technological resources.  Winning such a large amount of money disturbs the family equilibrium and may be the source of envy on the part of friends and relatives.

Experts must first inform the winner of exigible taxes. Then, advisors have to consider both legal and tax solutions that optimize the retention of the assets.  Finally, their expertise allows them to suggest investments with the objective of paying fixed expenses (tax and personal) and increasing the capital over the long-term.

Interview is available on the link below :

Family Governance - an interview with Christophe Achard

Linked fileLa_Lettre_de_l_entreprise_familiale.pdf

"My son wants to succeed me but he is incompetent."

Christophe Achard, interviewed by Nathalie Mourlot for the business section of the French weekly magazine L'Express, offers directors of family businesses the objective evaluation of an heir's competency. Since its creation in 2001, intuitae has used its expertise in family governance to help clients hand on their companies to future generations.

Our new address in Geneva

The address of our new offices in Geneva is Quai des Bergues, 23.
We remain at your disposition at the same numbers for both telephone (+41 (0)22 318 4800) and fax (+41 (0)22 310 7856). We hope to have the pleasure of seeing you soon.

Luc Granger Conference at the Elite Forum

Luc Granger est intervenu sur le thème de la gouvernance familiale et des conditions pour maintenir la fortune familiale, du 21 au 23 novembre 2011 à l’Elite Forum (Montreux, Suisse) en présence d’Håkan Hillerström, propriétaire et de Sandy Loder, fondatrice du cabinet AH Loder Advisers. 

Best wishes for 2012

Intuitae's team send you its best wishes for the new year.

interview of Christophe Achard

Quels sont vos rapports avec les banques privées ?
« Nous ne sommes pas des gérants. Nous représentons nos clients auprès de tous leurs interlocuteurs, notamment des banquiers privés et des sociétés de gestion. Nous défendons nos clients sans conflit d’intérêt (...)

intuitae celebrate 10 years'

We want to thank all the family who trust us to perpetuate their wealth and pass it on to future generations.

3 Minutes to Convince

To convey corporate identity and to work with our clients in their acquisition of equity are part of the work that intuitae performs. With a wealth of experience, Luc Granger, one of intuitae's founding partners, has accepted an invitation to participate in a group of experts on the project "3 Minutes to Convince", a remarkable concept that in 2010 gave 35 entrepreneurs the chance to become known and to raise funds (more than 6 million Euros). The project has been continued in 2011 in order to give other entrepreneurs an opportunity.


 To hear Luc Granger's interview, click here.

exposition Elisabeth Pommereul

Beginning on June 16, 2011 in our Paris offices, the team at intuitae will have the pleasure of showing you the work of Elisabeth Pommereul.

the Order of Geneva Attorneys

In the framework of its sponsorship policy, intuitae has chosen to support the Order of Geneva Attorneys’ annual review.
An attorney is an expert in his field - the law. As a family office firm, we offer families a larger range of services: asset allocation strategy (CIF), family governance ... which often leads us to work hand-in-hand with an attorney.

loss of confidence

A model like that, where commissions weren't paid on investment products, was rarely successful just a few years ago. Today, the situation has changed. With regard to the classic financial system, the crisis has caused a very high lack of investor confidence that is driving banks to pay themselves from the sale of their own products - even if they aren't necessarily the best or the most adapted to their clients' portfolios.
- Luc Granger

family office - code of ethics

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As a member of the AFFO (French Family Office Association) intuitae respects the family office Code of Ethics.

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Exposition Michel Peres

Born in Nice in 1962, Michel Pérès knows right away he will go to sea as his Brittany ancestors did before him.   At 18 years old, he joins the Navy. He travels but also feels the desire to voyage by and for himself. Everywhere he goes he observes,immerses himself... and he photographs.
The discovery of a stockpile of slides of China, forgotten for 20 years and altered by oxidation, reveals images that are strangely beautiful to him. Michel scans and prints them in large format using the high-quality digigraphic process and compiles them into a collection, "China 88". The oxidation transformed these images: they are no longer exactly photographs but resemble watercolours, engravings or even the Impressionists' pointillism.

Intuitae is the Family Office specialist in Paris, Geneva, Luxembourg and Brussels. Its advice on relocation and family governance make Intuitae the authoritative family Office firm. Intuitae is also a member of the prestigious French Family Office Association.

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