Intuitae, family office







4 Partners ...
4 reasons to be together

Four lives finding themselves in their professional lives in the same financial group, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.
Four individuals respecting their differences and mutually proving that they are more effective together than on their own.
Four ages with over a quarter of a century between the youngest and the "least young", giving them a generational synergy.
Four different but complimentary paths :

  • The same conception of honour and trust
  • The same approach to professional life
  • The same demand for quality of service
  • The same vision of goals

Following a mutual peer review without concessions, they decided that, together, they would offer the benefits of their respective professional experiences to others.

Intuitae is the Family Office specialist in Paris, Geneva, Luxembourg and Brussels. Its advice on relocation and family governance make Intuitae the authoritative family Office firm. Intuitae is also a member of the prestigious French Family Office Association.

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