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Intuitae is an expert partner in financial investment consulting and is involved in the global nature of your financial accounts. Our research team's objective is to choose the best allocation managers in order to create an allocation that responds to your needs and which generates a consistent positive result over time.

We have established a set of principles and we live by them. Intuitae is an independent company 100% owned by its partners. We are not dependent upon any financial institution, which allows us to provide our services with complete objectivity and to propose management choices with freedom and in the sole interest of our clients.

We offer you an innovative approach based on four convictions :

  • Asset allocation is the essential contributer to performance. According to studies, it is responsible for 70% to 90% of the performance of a portfolio. Intuitae bases its approach on a selection of flexible allocation managers who are carefully chosen for the consistency of their performance.
  • Volatility is not an efficient measure of risks that hangs over your financial assets. Extreme risks (the probability of occurrance is low but the potential losses are very high) are neglected in traditional risk analysis. Taking them into account is a key element in the search for consistent performance
  • Intuitae is not an asset manager but, on your behalf, looks for managers of funds or private banks which respond to your financial objectives. We then diagnose their strengths and weaknesses on a basis of quantitative and qualitative criteria. On the other hand, intuitae does evaluate the risk that hangs over both your over-all financial assets and on each particular portfolio, plays the role of a warning system and, should the case arise, recommends emergency measures
  • Monitoring the asset managers is the only guarantee of managing risks and of improving performance. This is accomplished not only by a qualitative and quantitative method of analysis, but also by close proximity to them. Intuitae's teams meet with the chosen managers every month.

Intuitae is the Family Office specialist in Paris, Geneva, Luxembourg and Brussels. Its advice on relocation and family governance make Intuitae the authoritative family Office firm. Intuitae is also a member of the prestigious French Family Office Association.

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