Exclusive Services

By choosing a Multi-Family Office, a family avails itself of a dedicated team’s services as well as the advantages of a larger organisation.

So that its clients profit from the strength of the group, intuitae developed exclusive additional services: the club-deal, brokerage and a private office.

Combined Strength

In the continual observance of an accompaniment that is private and confidential, we provide our clients with the advantage of a larger organisation: being stronger together.


In addition to our clients, intuitae is in permanent contact with a network of private investors. For our clients who want to invest in private equity or substantive properties, we are able to solicit, select and structure club-deals corresponding to their investment strategies.

To enter into a club-deal is to participate in a small pool of private investors to finance a pre-defined investment. To co-invest is a long-term adventure in which the relationship intuitae personae is fundamental to the success of the operation. It concerns a non-standardised investment opportunity. The principle advantages of the club deal structure are to choose one’s co-investors and benefit from an acquisition capacity often unimaginable as an individual.

Our mission is to create investment opportunities and to protect and defend our clients’ interests. We help them at each step of the operation: from the search for investment partners to the exit from the club-deal.

Exclusive Brokerage

As early as 2002, intuitae created a central purchasing body exclusively dedicated to its clients. With its purchasing volume, it allows clients to benefit from special tariffs on the fees of a wide range of financial products: bank products and insurance, collective investment funds, financing and products not available in traditional networks.

In order to guarantee its independence from the market, all automatic remunerations that intuitae receives from third parties are redistributed to its clients.

The central purchasing body allows its clients to:

_ understand and control the costs of service providers

_ benefit from a competitive pricing structure

_ have access to favoured agreements

_ benefit from exclusive investment solutions

A Private Office

Intuitae helps its clients in their daily lives by taking care of their personal administrative, accounting and financial tasks.

According to the needs and objectives, our dedicated team can:

_ draw up and monitor a customised budget

_ consolidate accounts and analyse cash flows

_ gather, sort and treat mail

_ monitor and manage tax deadlines

_ manage property: damages/claims, works, co-ownership/condominiums…

_ manage the administrative and labour law issues of home employees

_ manage health insurance and retirement policies.

In order to guarantee a rigorous and personalised support, we have put in place a specific methodology based on an ensemble of procedures and special tools.