Our metier

To help families preserve their estates and transfer them to future generations.

We advise clients who want help with their estate planning and wish to delegate the operational implementation of their decisions. We bring comprehensive support in an international environment.


In each of our areas of involvement, we are committed to a relationship of responsible and reciprocal trust.

Your Questions
Our Answers

The role, position and relationship of intuitae with its client are always presented to and reviewed with families interested in our services.

We have listed, below, answers to the questions most frequently concerning intuitae and the metier of family office.

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How is intuitae different from a private bank or an independent wealth management advisor?

Our philosophy and our methods are very different.

The goal of a private bank is to steer its clients to buy the financial products and services it distributes and to encourage them to deposit their money on its books.

Independent wealth management consultants (CGPI) are brokers. They are primarily paid through commissions on products they sell their clients, often emanating from delivery platforms.

In contrast, intuitae uncompromisingly advocates on behalf of its clients without any conflict of interest because it only receives fees from, and is exclusively paid by, its clients. Intuitae does not issue any financial products. The impartiality and independence of our advice are at the service and interest of our clients.

Are you an asset manager?

No, we are not managers. If we were to manage our clients’ assets, we would be both judge and plaintiff.

However, intuitae’s directors have the technical means and expertise to select and closely monitor the best asset allocation mangers who correspond to our clients’ stated objectives.

Aren't you just one more interlocutor?

Yes, we are because we fulfil a role that no one else does. Our fundamental role is to synthesise the work of different parties and assure their coordination. We are thus the family’s central interlocutor whose goal is to make their lives easier, save them time, and provide them safety and convenience.

How is intuitae different from other independent family offices?

Our commitment to transparency, confidentiality and efficiency make our company unique.

Intuitae is the only independent family office proposing services for both multi-family and single-family office.

Our company is present in several European countries and offers a unique complement to the requirements of family office in an international setting.

Our invoicing is completely transparent and meticulous: we are exclusively paid by our clients.

Our services are built around procedures centred on the treatment of our clients.

How are you different from an attorney?

A lawyer is an expert in his core profession. As a family office, we offer families a larger range of services, including asset allocation strategy, addressing the ensemble of financial issues (CIF), family governance and implementing all the solutions chosen by our clients. This often leads us to work with one or several lawyers in the realisation of our missions.

How long is my commitment?

A contract is for six-months and is renewable. Although we have a long-term perspective, you may terminate our collaboration at any time.

Aren't you just an extra cost?

Yes, we are, and the loyalty of our clients proves that they believe we are worth it.

Our billing is completely transparent and we are only paid fees and only by our clients. If intuitae adds to the cost, it’s important to take into account the savings realised from our negotiations on commissions, notably of banks, and the economies of scale that result from our approach to aggregating accounts.

Last and above all, our on-going work with asset managers guarantees controlling risks and improving performance.

Our added value

Our clients judge us above all on our efficiency and ability to develop their estates over the long term. Our success also depends on our capability to protect and preserve their assets and reinforce links between family members.

Our added value is the result of a double pledge:

1. We focus our efforts on our clients making money and lowering expenses. Intuitae can be described as a “cost fighter”. Our experience in finance, law and taxes, combined with our holistic vision of estates and financial liabilities, allows us to achieve real economies of scale for our clients.

2. We commit ourselves to simplifying the lives of individuals and their families: saving them time, and providing them security and convenience. We are at their disposal to offer support and accompany them over one or several generations. The human component is at the heart of our concept of the profession of family office.