Family governance

A project of family governance is a human project, always complex, that needs to be built step-by-step over time. Its role and its manner of functioning are different from the governance of a business.

Our approach to governance addresses the specific expectations of each family:

to maintain and reinforce family harmony
to support the achievement of family projects
to create a family governance appropriate to the governance of the business
to allow for the conservation and management of joint property
to anticipate, manage and resolve family conflicts
to define the roles of family members in the management of the family’s estate
to prepare heirs for the problems that will be theirs in the future.

We develop a personalised method to help each family build and organise a made-to-measure family governance.

A prepared hand over

Our role is to further family harmony, create intergenerational links and prepare the passing on of the estate in all its forms.

Building family governance

The approach to building family governance is to identify, choose and put in place the best solutions adapted to the family structure and estate.

We have developed a step-by-step methodology to propose solutions proper to each family and its unique situation:

to identify the affectio familiae and its appropriation by the family’s members with a perspective that is cross-generational

to formulate a shared vision, source of joint projects and collective strategy

to select and put in place dedicated tools like a family charter, a family advisor, specific seminars…

Our added value:

_   our process of identifying the affectio familiae

_   our expertise in selecting and putting into place dedicated tools

_   our experience in organising selected seminars

Our objectives are to support the realisation of family projects and enable the management of commonly held assets while avoiding family conflicts.

Organising family governance

The harmonious organisation of family governance is essential to the continuity of family actions and to anticipate the family’s evolution.

Intuitae offers to help its clients in that process. We help them to “bring to life” their governance.

According to our clients’ demands, we can be involved in three ways:

  a team from intuitae moderates the family governance

  the family governance is co-conducted with family members

  we train family members tasked with running the governance

Our services can take different forms, always adapting to the specificities of each family.

Together with our clients, we identify priorities and co-construct the appropriate steps to take. Our experience has lead us to propose diverse missions:

  preparing and moderating family councils

  helping to implement family decisions

  helping with the family communication strategy

  preparing and moderating specific family seminars.

Training new generations

The approach to new generations prioritises training and informing the heirs. It particularly promotes transmitting the "foundation" of the family: its values, vision and history.

Intuitae help families prepare new generations for the patrimonial problems that will be theirs tomorrow. Our role is to sensitise, train and inform the heirs on all aspects of family legacies.

Our objective is to support families in a planned and prepared transition so their estates are protected. We co-construct a program of workshops and information dedicated to the new generations.

Our work help families to:

communicate and create a unifying vision running through each generation

build a multi-generational dynamic

allow younger generations to appropriate the approach initiated by their predecessors

encourage the integration and involvement of the next generations

assemble a group of heirs that is stable, involved and responsible.