The single-family office

A single-family office is an organisation put in place by very wealthy families. It is dedicated to exclusively managing a sole family’s estate.

Building and running a single-family office requires numerous abilities and knowledge to successfully implement this family project.

We help families create their own single-family office.

Our expertise in family office and our experience as entrepreneurs are at the service of a made-to-measure accompaniment. We are both a partner and a resource during the ensemble of the process to create and implement this family project.

Private partners

A resource and experts, we offer our single-family office clients our network, our methodology and our information system to help them save time and money.

Help conceiving a single-family office

Intuitae helps you in the design phase of your single-family office.

Our proposals and recommendations help you put in place an optimal, tailor-made organisation to implement your projects and investments.

When your single-family office is finalised, intuitae brings you all its technical experience to help you launch your project.

Our help during the design phase:

_ clarify your needs and key questions

_ formalise your projects and the means to achieve them

_ define your strategic priorities and plan of action

_ identify the necessary team and family’s roles

Our help during the launch phase:

_ design management tools

_ help recruit and train the team

_ share other families’ experiences

_ supervise and coach team members

Incubation of single-family office at intuitae

Incubation is the time afforded to create and develop your single-family office.

It ends when the organisation is mature and sufficiently autonomous to separate from our support.

Intuitae offers its association with the growth of your single-family office as lead partner and expert resource.

While retaining decision-making, you delegate the implementation of your projects. We take care of:

_ recruiting, training and supervising the teams dedicated to your family

_ the general management and implementation of your strategy

_ hosting the teams