Benedicte de Bouillane

Benedicte de Bouillane joins intuitae in 2014 as a Director.
Motivated by professionalism and the same values as teams already in place, Bénédicte joins intuitae in 2014.

At Credit Lyonnais and Hervet banks, Bénédicte is in charge of relations with international entities and companies that deal with insurance and group retirement plans. For seven years she then participates in the creation and development of alternative management funds in the management company Rivoli. Following that, she joins the company Française des Placements (the Française Group) where she develops private equity and alternative multi-management. With rigour and dynamism, Bénédicte puts her expertise to use in a large range of asset classes.

By favouring the company of strong personalities, Bénédicte flourishes in the discovery of varied horizons. She particularly appreciates art, both classic and modern.

Benedicte DeBouillane
Benedicte de Bouillane