Francoise Vial-Brocco

Françoise Vial-Brocco joins intuitae in 2015 as a Senior Advisor.
Dynamic and fully engaged, Françoise has been interacting with business leaders in the south of France for 30 years. She joins intuitae in 2015 as a Senior Advisor.

From an initial listing to the auction on the Marseille stock exchange, to the creation of NYSE Euronext (the largest stock market in the world), Françoise has participated in different legal, regulatory and technological transformations of stock exchanges as the Regional Delegate.
Passionate about entrepreneurship, Françoise helps directors of mid-cap and small & medium size businesses with their capital strategies and, for some, the initial public offering of their companies on the French stock exchange. In order to better advise them on their estate issues, she studied Wealth Management at the AUREP (University Association of Research and Instruction for Estate Planning) in Clermont-Ferrand, France.
Strongly implicated in the dynamism of her region, Françoise contributed to the launch and development of the Regional Association of Financial Centres. She currently heads the regional delegation of the AFFO (Association of French Family Office) and is an independent director on several boards of directors of listed companies.

Françoise draws her energy from water sports that she practices in the Mediterranean and in the Bay of Arcachon and, in parallel, her passion for ceramics.

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Francoise Vial-Brocco
Senior advisor