Herve Stulemeyer

Herve Stulemeyer joined intuitae in 2012 as a senior advisor.

Herve is well acquainted with financial circles and wealth management as a whole. For 30 years, Hervé has been advising families, as well as institutional investors, on how to optimize the management of family assets. He joins intuitae in 2012.

As a lawyer, tax specialist, insurance specialist and active in the financial sector, Herve has followed the evolution of asset management at both the legal and financial levels. Initially, he first advised financial institutions in setting up wealth solutions for their clients while at the same time advising some of Belgium’s major families. This approach gradually gave him a taste for financial management as such. He combined the two aspects by participating in the setting up of a life insurance company in Belgium whose sole objective was to offer wealth solutions for the management of its clients’ assets. He decided to extend the scope of his intervention by combining the aspects related to portfolio management with the management of all family assets.

Constantly looking for efficiency, Herve assists families and SME managers in the development and growth of their assets. To do so, he draws on his knowledge of the financial markets as well as his experience as a tax specialist in financial matters and wealth planning. For 20 years he was a professor at the Free University of Brussels in the Special Master in Taxation.

Finally, he has a good knowledge of real estate and private equity transactions, which enables him to take them into account in his thinking aimed at developing his clients’ assets.

Herve is recharging his batteries within his family and in the discovery of new horizons. He is passionate about vintage cars and actively promotes organ donation.

Herve Stulemeyer
Herve Stulemeyer