Matthieu Brivet

Managing Partner, Matthieu Brivet directs the single-family office Odeska developed by intuitae.
With a strong sense of ethics, Matthieu participates in intuitae’s growth since 2005.
He is in charge of real estate investment advice. In 2017, he also takes charge of the operational direction of a single-family office developed by intuitae.
During his years at Deloitte and Arthur Andersen, Matthieu acquires solid experience in audits and reorganisation of financial processes. He puts his expertise and rigour to use as soon as he arrives at intuitae where he organises the financial direction and processes of the company. He notably ensures the homogeneity of quality standards of different entities.
Advisor in European real estate investments, Matthieu helps clients in their acquisition projects, sales or arbitrage since 2010.
In 2017, his passion for the hotel/hospitality business leads him to participate in the creation of Odeska, the first single-family office developed by intuitae. Matthieu assumes the direction and ensures the operational deployment of investment strategy in Europe.

Enamoured of the coast around the city of Montpellier, Matthieu is passionate about windsurfing. For his 40th birthday, he lived one of his dreams: to surf the waves at Hookipa in Hawaii.

Matthieu Brivet
Matthieu Brivet
Managing Partner